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1. Services

The Service Company will provide the Services to YourRepair listed above on the online registration form.

2. Fees and Payment

2.1 The fees payable for the Services are set out above on the online registration form.

2.2 The Fees are due within 15 working days from receipt of the job being successfully completed and submitted to us via the engineer portal providing satisfactory completion of the work has been undertaken by the Service Company.

2.3 The Service Company must give thirty (30) days' notice to YourRepair for any change to the fees set out above under Set Rates and Hourly Repair Rates.

2.4 The fees are exclusive of VAT, which if payable shall be paid by YourRepair.

2.5 YourRepair reserve the right to hold back a fair and reasonable sum due to the Service Company to counter any potential claim in the case of an ongoing problem.

3. Service Company Responsibilities

The Service Company shall:

3.1 Ensure the company is registered with the appropriate regulatory body.

  1. Gas appliance contractors must be registered with Gas Safe.
  2. Electrical contractors must be registered with an appropriate body (e.g. NICEIC, NAPIT or similar).

3.2 Ensure all engineers are suitably qualified (with valid and current accreditations) for the type of work required.

  1. Gas appliance engineers must have a valid and current Gas Safe accreditation for the relevant work categories they may be required to undertake.
  2. Electrical engineers must have undertaken recognised training and hold appropriate qualifications for the type of work being undertaken.

3.3 Notify YourRepair by email if they cannot obtain a spare part within 48 hours.

3.4 Notify YourRepair of any change of address, email address or telephone number including mobile phones.

3.5 Not transfer or keep any data that is supplied to them by YourRepair.

3.6 Ensure any complaints received by them from any YourRepair customers are reported to YourRepair by email within 24 hours.

3.7 Keep the customer informed daily if the Customer is waiting on a return visit and notify YourRepair by email if a job is not rectified within 72 hours of first attendance.

3.8 Be liable for any debts, damages, costs, liabilities and obligations incurred of arising in connection with them not undertaking a fair and reasonable service for a period of 1 year from any job being done.

3.9 Call all customers with an estimated time of arrival within 30 minutes of receiving a breakdown and attend the same day or at least within 24 hours.

3.10 Call all customers with an estimated time of arrival within 10 minutes of receiving notification of a gas or uncontrolled water leak and attend within 2 hours (if you have elected to receive such call outs).

3.11 Ensure all engineers maintain a good dress sense, clean vans, professional attitude, carry dust sheets, respect property and call ahead giving at least 1-hour notice of arrival when visiting customers.

3.12 Undertake any call backs received within 30 days to the same customer free of charge, if the problem is relevant to the last visit--i.e., with the boiler.

3.13 Not enter into any commercial agreements with any customers they have done work for on behalf of YourRepair whilst this agreement is in force or within a period of one year from termination.

3.14 Not enter into any commercial agreements with YourRepair customers for any upgrades to their central heating system without prior written agreement from YourRepair.

3.15 Assist YourRepair (or it's appropriate representatives) when an audit of any works carried out on behalf of YourRepair is required.

3.16 On request, provide YourRepair with proof of purchase for any parts required to complete a repair.

4. Insurance

4.1 During the term of this Agreement the Service Company shall ensure it has appropriate insurance cover as required by any applicable law and its obligations under the Agreement.

4.2 This shall include Public Liability Insurance with an indemnity limit of not less than £1 million for each claim.

4.3 The Service Company shall supply copies of the relevant certificate of insurance to YourRepair as evidence that such policies remain in force.

5. Amendments

5.1 YourRepair reserve the right to amend any of these terms & conditions. Where any amendments are to be made, we will write to advise you at least 28 days prior to any amendment taking effect.

Self-Billing Agreement

To reduce your administration time and ensure you get paid quickly and efficiently we use a self-billing agreement.
Our self-billing system will instantly generate an accurate invoice on your behalf using your specified charge rates upon completion of each job you complete.
Self-billing is more efficient, saves time and reduces the possibility of late payment.

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